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Fleet Archive - 2014

Top Reasons For Licence Check Failure

Posted: Tuesday 01 July 2014

FTA Highlights Top Reasons for Licence Check Failure

Taxi Check Under Way in South East

Posted: Tuesday 24 June 2014

Police officials in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Cambridgeshire have joined forces in a new programme intended to crack down on rogue taxi drivers who are not operating in compliance with the law. The campaign, which originated with the Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit, will spend the next several weeks checking on private taxis and hackney cabs.

Driving Test Shows Skills Diminish Over Time

Posted: Tuesday 17 June 2014

There are two things that seem difficult to justify among smaller companies operating a limited fleet of vehicles: remedial driver training and regular licence checks. However, a recent driving test that included four reporters from the Daily Mail shows just why both are incredibly important.

Driving Licence Ban: Do The Points Really Matter?

Posted: Tuesday 10 June 2014

UK's Channel 4 premiered a comedy show known as Whose Line Is It Anyway in 1988. The improvisational sketch programme included four performers who basically made up the entire show as things went along. The show's tag line was 'where everything is made up and the points don't matter'. Based on a recent report from Wales Online, one wonders whether bad drivers in the UK are part of an improvisational comedy routine.

London Driving Licence Scam Discovered

Posted: Tuesday 03 June 2014

The driving licence you possess is an important piece of documentation that can directly influence everything from your line of work to how much you pay for car insurance. So maintaining the integrity of your licence is paramount. Unfortunately, a gambling addict who claimed to have access to someone who could make driving licence changes recently scammed a number of people in the Greater London area.

End Of Paper licence Causing Worries Among Fleet Operators

Posted: Tuesday 27 May 2014

Next year the UK will pass a milestone when it completely phases out the traditional, old-fashioned paper driver licence. Once the phase-out is complete, drivers will be able to discard their paper licences in favour of a plastic photo ID. All of the driver's vital information and driving history will be stored on government computers easily accessed by police and other agencies with proper clearance. However, the plans do not sit well with some fleet operators.

Bus Driver Could Lose Licence For Unsafe Driving

Posted: Thursday 22 May 2014

An unknown CityBus driver working in Plymouth could very well lose his commercial driver licence if investigators are able to identify him from video footage taken by a car passenger. According to the May 20 edition of the Plymouth Herald, the driver in question was recorded handling what appeared to be a thin piece of paper and some tobacco as his vehicle was moving in traffic.