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DVSA Uncovers Theory Test Fraud

Posted: Friday, 23 February 2018

A Turkish national attempting to get a UK driving licence in order to improve his chances of finding better employment was caught by DVSA testers attempting to cheat on his theory test. The man, who was discovered cheating on his second test after failing his first, could be just the tip of the iceberg. There could be a more widespread problem of fraud emanating from London's Turkish community.

According to numerous reports, 23-year-old Isa Yazgi was observed last year taking and failing the theory test in Chatham. Observers at the first test location had already flagged him as a fraud risk when he entered a second testing centre in Hanley a month later.

Upon arrival at the Hanley Centre, Yazgi was asked whether he was carrying a mobile device. After responding 'no' he was allowed in to take the theory test, though testers were watching him. Shortly after he sat down, Yazgi was observed removing something from his waistband and sticking it in his ear prior to putting on his headphones. A tester promptly came over to investigate and found a small bluetooth device Yazgi could have used to cheat.

A Potentially Huge Problem

When questioned by authorities, Yazgi said he planned for the bluetooth device to help him get the answers from someone outside the testing centre. He said he paid £1000 to an unidentified person within the London Turkish community for the help. This has authorities concerned about a potentially bigger problem afoot.

It is possible that the same fraudster who assisted Yazgi has helped thousands of other Turkish nationals get driving licences without any knowledge of UK highway code. To think how many cheats could be on the roads is scary.

The electronic licence checks we offer cannot do anything to stop this kind of fraud. However, they are very useful in keeping track of the drivers on your payroll. If you have a driver who obtained a licence in the past through fraud, that same driver may have no compunction about continuing to drive without letting you know of changes to his or her licence. Your organisation can't afford that.

The unfortunate reality is that not everyone driving on UK roads belongs there. We recommend regular electronic licence checks to ensure that your drivers are not among them. There is no room for unsafe drivers or fraudsters on our roads.

Source: Express