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Fleet Archive - 2015

The Important Bits For Motorists From The Autumn Statement

Posted: Monday 28 December 2015

Although the headlines surrounding this year's Autumn Statement were dominated by the decision to scrap tax credit cuts, there were plenty of other announcements that could have a dramatic impact on the cost of motoring too. So, in case you missed it, here are the most important bits.

Is Speed Limiter Removal Worth It For Fleets?

Posted: Monday 21 December 2015

Although initially developed to improve safety and reduce the chances of being involved in an accident, speed limiters have been proven to deliver additional advantages too. By controlling the top speed of a commercial vehicle, fleet operators can enjoy a significantly cheaper fuel bill, which also affords environmental benefits too.

£500 - The Annual Fuel Saving Fleets Require to Switch to EVs

Posted: Thursday 12 November 2015

In spite of the benefits that eco-friendly models bring, fleet managers are reluctant to switch their existing fleets to electric vehicles or hybrids unless they can guarantee an average fuel saving of £483 per car according to recent research.

The Benefits of Behavioural Telematics For Fleet Operators

Posted: Thursday 05 November 2015

Before hiring new members of staff that will need to drive as part of their job, you can contact us here at Fleet Licence Check to find out whether they have any penalty points, previous convictions or current endorsements.

Is a Knee-Jerk Reaction To VW's Emissions Scandal Imminent?

Posted: Thursday 29 October 2015

Even though the Government reassured fleet owners with VW cars that they would not have to pay higher Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) in the aftermath of the emissions scandal, diesel vehicles could still be targeted in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement.

4 in 10 Company Car Drivers Handed Penalty Points Driving For Work

Posted: Thursday 22 October 2015

According to research from Masternaut, around four in every 10 business drivers have been issued with points on their licence for work-related driving offences. The report surveyed 2,000 UK employees who drive as part of their job and found that 39 per cent of respondents had received endorsements while working.

The Potential Implications For UK Fleets From The VW Emissions Scandal

Posted: Thursday 08 October 2015

While the recent VW emissions scandal came as quite a shock to everyday drivers, the news carried even more weight for fleet operators. Currently, fleets are responsible for 2.3 million car registrations in the UK and are incredibly important to both the manufacturing industry and world-renowned brands like Volkswagen.

The Number of People in Court For Speeding Has Increased 28% This Year

Posted: Thursday 24 September 2015

According to figures obtained by the IAM from the Ministry of Justice, the number of people convicted of a speeding offence in the last 12 months has gone up by 28 per cent. The increase, from 115,935 to 148,426, is also the highest figure since 2005.

12% of Drivers Believe That Taking a Phone Call at the Wheel is Acceptable

Posted: Thursday 10 September 2015

As we are all undoubtedly aware, using a mobile phone while driving is illegal and can be a lethal distraction behind the wheel. But somewhat worryingly, a small percentage of motorists still think it isn't a big deal.

Economic Growth Having an Impact on Driving

Posted: Thursday 27 August 2015

The slow but steady economic growth we have enjoyed in Britain is having a very definite effect on driving. Moreover, we're not just talking about driving licence issues. We are also talking about the amount of time people spend stuck in traffic. In that regard, the growing economy is a double-edged sword.