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Remember, Workers Over 45 Must Renew Their Licence to Drive Lorries

Posted: Friday, 18 November 2016

Fleet managers have a lot of different factors to think about when it comes to ensuring the safety and performance of their drivers. For instance, when their drivers reach the age of 45, or when a fleet manager hires a driver older than 45, that individual may need to renew his or her licence in order to drive minibuses, buses, or lorries every five years.

Importantly, the frequency with which you must renew your licence increases as you get older. Drivers of lorries over the age of 65 will be expected to renew their licence on a yearly basis.

If you are a fleet manager, then the drivers within your fleet should receive two forms around 56 days before their licence becomes invalid. These forms will include an application for the renewal of their entitlement, and a medical examination report.

Maintaining the Right to Drive Lorries

For your fleet to continue driving lorries with the support of the law, they will need to complete form D47P which allows them to renew their licence, and ask a doctor to complete a medical examination that fits with the requirements of Form D4 for their medical exam.

It is possible for an optician or optometrist to complete the vision section of the assessment if it is not applicable for a doctor to complete the whole report on the behalf of the driver. In some cases, you might find that doctors and opticians charge for this service.

Once both forms have been fully completed, they need to be sent back to the DVLA before the previous licence runs out. Keep in mind that it can take up to three weeks for the DVLA to issue a new licence after applications are received. This process can be lengthier if personal or health details for the driver must be checked.

Can a Fleet Drive While Awaiting Renewal?

It is possible for drivers to continue their routes on the roads while their licence is being renewed, so long as the appropriate conditions are met. This means that the driver will usually need to only drive under the conditions of their previous licence, obtain the support of their doctor when it comes to continued driving, and have an application that is less than a year old in transit. It is also important for drivers awaiting renewal to ensure that that their previous licence wasn't refused or revoked for existing medical conditions.