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'World's Worst Driver' Has Licence Confiscated

Posted: Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Roads in China are among the busiest and most dangerous on the planet. Unfortunately, a driver being dubbed as the 'world's worst' has, until recently, been on the roads in China's eastern province of Jiangsu. Other drivers can rest easier knowing he is no longer driving.

How bad is this driver? A CCTV camera feed shows him trying to exit a car park over a 10-minute span. What seems like a routine practice to many of us is apparently more challenging than he can handle. He repeatedly strikes the car next to his own as he tries to back out of the parking space. Eventually he succeeds, driving away without so much as leaving a note on the other car.

According to news reports, the man was tracked down using the video footage and arrested for hit and run. Police officials say the man allegedly earned his license some four years ago but seldom drives, resulting in his pronounced lack of driving skill as demonstrated in the video feed. One hopes his licence is not returned until he can demonstrate a bit more proficiency behind the wheel.

The Exception to the Rule

We can watch the video from this story and laugh, knowing this driver is the exception rather than the rule. Most drivers who earn their licences will get enough time behind the wheel to remain proficient. In the case of this Chinese man, one must wonder if he was proficient even when he first earned his licence. Exiting a car park is a fundamental skill that should not require daily practice to get right.

Having said that, there are some very poor drivers on UK roadways as well. Some of them have commercial driving licences to operate everything from articulated lorries to coaches. Others operate vans and company-owned passenger vehicles as part of their jobs. As a company owner and the operator, you cannot afford to have any of those drivers working for you.

The cost of operating company vehicles is already expensive enough. You certainly do not need the added expense that could result from a careless or incapable driver being involved in an accident while behind the wheel of one of your vehicles. To protect yourself, we recommend three strategies:

  • Proper Vetting - Any potential new hires should be properly vetted in terms of their past driving history. Even without serious violations, a driving history showing muliple minor violations and/or accidents is a warning sign of potential problems.
  • Continual Training - Regular remedial training for company drivers keeps them fresh and at the top of their game. Companies should continue either annual or semi-annual training.
  • Licence Checks - Companies should protect themselves against liability by running routine licence checks on company drivers. The licence check may uncover problems drivers will not voluntarily disclose.

Fleet Licence Check is here to assist you with your claims handling and licence checking needs. We have been working with UK motoring companies for more than 20 years.

Source: The Independent