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A List of the Most Serious Driving Offences with Licence Codes

Posted: Friday, 07 October 2016

If you have recently begun checking your employees driving licences more regularly, then it's important to ensure you have an up-to-date version of the offence codes that are used to classify illegal driving activities in the UK. These codes reference some of the most serious conviction codes that might appear on any given license, and additional lists can be found on the DVLA website.

The most common codes are generally:

  • SP30 - Speeding (3-6 points)
  • CU80 - Using a mobile phone while driving (3 points)
  • DR10 - Drink Driving (3-11 points)
  • UT50 - Theft or unauthorised taking of a car or vehicle (3-11 points)

Accident Offences and Careless Driving

Codes for behaviours relating to accidents include:

  • AC10 - Failing to stop after an accident (5-10 points)
  • AC20 - Failing to report an accident within 24 hours (5-10 points)

Codes for careless driving include:

  • CD10 - Driving without due care and attention (3-9 points)
  • CD40 - Death caused by reckless driving when unfit due to alcohol (3-11 points)
  • CD50 - Death caused by reckless driving when unfit due to drugs (3-11 points)
  • CD70 - Death caused by reckless driving then failing to supply an alcohol analysis specimen (3-11 points)
  • CD80 - Causing death by inconsiderate or careless driving (3-11 points)
  • CD90 - Causing death by driving disqualified, unlicensed, or uninsured drivers (3-11 points)
  • CU80 - Using a mobile phone while driving (3 points)

Reckless or Dangerous Driving Offences

Codes relating to dangerous or reckless driving might include:

  • DD10 - Causing serious injury through dangerous driving (3-11 points)
  • DD40 - Dangerous driving (3-11 points)
  • DD60 - Culpable homicide or manslaughter when driving (3-11 points)
  • DD80 - Death caused by dangerous driving (3-11 points)
  • DD90 - Furious driving (3-9 points)
  • MS50 - Motor racing on the highway (3-11 points)

Intoxication Offences

Codes relating to intoxication regarding drugs or alcohol may include:

  • DR10 / DG10 - Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol, or drug level above the limit (3-11 points)
  • DR20 - Attempting to drive while unfit due to alcohol (3-11 points)
  • DR30 - Attempting to drive then not supplying specimen for analysis (3-11 points)
  • DR40 / DG40 - Attempting to drive when alcohol or drug level is above the specified limit (10 points)
  • DR50 / DG90 - In charge of a vehicle while unfit to drive due to drink or drugs (10 points)